The Mysteries of Paris is a work in progress transmedia animation Project.
Illustrator & co-author with Véronique Puybaret.
 Based on the 19th century engravings and drawings by Lavoignat Hyppolite, De Staal, Trimolet, CJ Travies, Nargeat Karl Girardet, Bertall, Lavieille, John Quartley, Edward Fox...
Animation and post-production was made by Alizée CholatAmopix
We are currently seeking funding to carry out the animation pilot...
Co-produced by  La CurieuseAmopix
Estimated launch date: early 2018
Preparatory composition - Rat drawing used with kind permission from Mr Philippe Dumas.
Monsieur Pipelet
Preparatory composition
Section of a 19th century Parisian building
Rodolphe de Gerolstein
Madame Pipelet
Mademoiselle Rigolette

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